Do I Have to go back to school?


You do not have to be a software engineer to be a good software developer. Of course, software engineers who have taken a good background of computing science have an advantage when compared to others that do not have when they both applied for the same job opening on software programming. It is needless to point that who has learned the basics of computing, analysis and programming will be one step forward in front of others. In graduate schools, students will build good logic on operating system basics, programming languages and databases. On the other hand, although you are not graduated from software engineering or programming disciplines if you are a fast follower of the popular languages, framework solutions and operating systems you have then a good chance to be chosen for the first place for a job opening.

Technology, software and programming have rapidly changing trends. The decisions taken by companies and enterprises may also change from year to year.

A software methodology or a new technology used in programming that was very common and popular among software developers and software provider companies can be out of the top list in the following years. A newer solution will always take the place of prior solutions. However, a secret lies under this rapid change. It is what makes a valuable programmer is his or her ability to learn this tremendous change in programming. As a result of a software programming job opening, the best candidate should always be eager to learn new things, apply new methods and should seek for better solutions.

In universities, today’s accepted programming techniques and widely used languages may not be taught. If you are following the trends, you are then able to keep up with the requirements of the companies looking for a solution for their needs. Do not forget, a good programmer should be able to train himself or herself as a part of daily routines. Of course, it is not possible even for the best programmers to know each programming language in details or each framework in detail but you should have at least an idea about the capabilities, advantages and solutions of the language, framework or methodologies.

Today’s popular languages in the programming arena are Java, C#, VB.NET and Python. .NET framework and .NET Framework languages like VB.NET and C# are most favorite ones where Microsoft solutions are used. On the other side, programmers can also prefer using Java, Python, PHP and Ruby.

Web programming is also a good asset where intranet solutions are rising between companies. Companies also prefer to be in contact with their partners and customers. Therefore they are building B2B and B2C solutions.

Every company small or enterprise must use information technologies. Any company where a PC exists, a programmer can develop solutions for the users to be more productive on their job. If you motivate yourself as a programmer to develop solutions based on analysis and requirements of your company and users, you will be regarded as a good developer at the end.


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